10 Best Decorative Swords for an Office

Modern Katanas create impactful creative designs in offices in recent decades. This historic sword was used by samurai, the military nobility of feudal Japan

The sword has been a symbol of protection since ancient times. Swords are zhen zhai in Feng Shui, the Chinese art of arranging, and are thought to remove evil. This type of Feng Shui has many theories that have been passed down from generation to generation. You’ll get a favorable Feng Shui … Read more

Benefits of Having a Garden When Working at Home

”A person using a laptop in front of a large window overlooking a garden”

The enforced lockdown during the pandemic has forced many professionals to work from home. It sounds wonderful for many people, but working from home created a struggle to maintain a work-life balance for some. Many people in creative roles crave the stimulation that comes from brainstorming with team members and even the … Read more

Benefits of Doing Yoga When Working at Home

Woman doing yoga exercise in the night at home with candles

Working in the comforts of your home is a dream for many people. The freedom to work in your pajamas, eat whatever you want, and never have to commute again!  However, among the most common complaints about working from home is that it can be hard to stay motivated when you’re sitting … Read more

Ideas for Setting up a Game Room for Breaks While Working at Home

Work from home can be stressful and require you to take a break at times

Over the last couple of months, the trend of work from home has significantly increased. Companies have been saving up on office space and costs while encouraging workers to work from home. However, work from home can get really boring at times, especially because you don’t have a lot of colleagues around. … Read more

Can a Dining Table Make a Great Desk?

Computer connection

Yes, dining and working can go hand in hand! If you are living in a small-size apartment or doing freelance work at home, you can actually convert your dining place into your work desk area. You can save up space while maintaining quick access from doing both things. This can be simply … Read more

How Do I Find Free Images For My Business Website

Person looking for free images

Finding professional or free images for your website can be a difficult task than it seems to be. You want high-quality, properly licensed, and relevant free images for your business website. It helps you to use them worry-free. The images you use for your content drive the users to your website in … Read more

Can I Run A SaaS Business From My Home Office?

Modern Day business being driven by Data

If you are contemplating the initiation of a business, then starting it in the SaaS base might be a good decision. SaaS has been topping the list of best business models for several years now. This business model has also been adopted by big companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Adobe, and … Read more

What Can I Do If I Am Not Close To A Cell Tower In My Home Office

Man using laptop at home

A cell tower, cell site, or cell base station is a cellular-enabled mobile device site where the electronic communication equipment and antennas are placed. It is typically on a tower, radio mast, or other elevated structure. It creates a cell or adjacent cells in a cellular network. The raised structure supports the … Read more

What Are the Benefits of an Ergonomic Chair

Home Office Interior

In our time, people are living in a stressful world. Both men and women of their working-age usually start their day in the office and end their shift at the same spot. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an 8-5 or a 9-6 office employee. You are still repetitively doing the same thing … Read more

Top Benefits of Zero Gravity Recliners

Top Benefits of Zero Gravity Recliners

If you’re wondering how zero gravity recliners got their quirky name, let’s pinpoint NASA. It hails to the zero gravity position the agency developed to aid astronauts in easing body stress when taking off. They’ve found out that suspending the bodies at a 120° angle, equalizes the force and pressure that acts … Read more