Floors in our homes are mostly unimaginative and boring. But, some homeowners want to be different. And that’s good, or we wouldn’t have amazing home floors like these! Here are 10 strange looking but amazing home floors!

Unique and Amazing Home Floors

1. Colorful Cubes Bathroom Flooring

Rubic’s Bathroom Flooring

This is such an awesome idea! To be more unique, you can use Tetris or Pac Man. Bathroom paradise for every gamer!

2. Puzzle Flooring

puzzle flooring

Puzzle piece floor would be a perfect bedroom floor. Isn’t it amazing?

3. DIY Unique Pallet Flooring

DIY Unique Pallet Flooring

Elegant, unique and so beautiful!

4. Scrabble Tile Floor

Scrabble Tile Floor

I have never seen anything like this before! This floor is made from scrabble letters! It’s so unique and creative and it will give the room completely unique look.

5. 3d Ocean Floor

3d ocean floor

Perfect floor for a bathroom, don’t you agree? 3D epoxy floors will easily turn your bathroom into an outdoor space. These floors are made by Imperial, a company from Dubai. They have cornered the 3D floor design market for now, but this product is too amazing to remain exclusive for a long time.

6. Coin Flooring

Coin Flooring

If your hobby is collecting coins, here is a great way to use them creatively and show them to everyone! It would definitely make your home office look unique.

7. Leather Belt Flooring

leather belt floor

I love this leather belt floor. It looks incredible. You can get cheap leather belts at second hand shops and then go crazy.

8. Wine Cork Floor

wine cork floor

Wine cork floors look beautiful and they feel great underfoot. Don’t throw your wine corks after wine-tasting parties and in a few years you could maybe collect enough wine corks for this amazing floor.

9. Bottle Cap Floor

Beer cap floor

This amazing bathroom floor was made all from beer caps. How cool is that? If you like this, you can even do it yourself!

10. Optical Illusion Floor

optical illusion flooring

Would you like to have this amazing floor in your own apartment! Who wouldn’t? These optical illusion amazing home floors will mess with your brain, but it looks so awesome.