Do you live in a small apartment? You are looking for best ways to create more space in your apartment, but have no idea what to do? When square footage is tight, you have to use your imagination to create functional living space without any clutter. When it comes to that, the biggest challenge is where to place large furniture pieces that we cannot live without. For example, our bed.

From simple loft beds to amazing bed suspended from the ceiling, there are bunch of smart solutions that can maximize your bedroom space.

To get you inspired, here are 10 awesome ideas where to put a bed in a small room!

1. Ceiling Bed

Ceiling bed

This amazing apartment has a space-saving design with a bed suspended from the ceiling. The best thing is that it has a home office underneath. This adventurous idea is not for the faint-hearted!

2. Interesting Bunk Beds

interesting bunk beds

If your little ones are sharing a room, the best space-saving solution are bunk beds. Even in a smallest room, you can put at least two bunk beds.

3. Couch Bed

Couch bed

This cool couch doesn’t only transform into a bed – but into a bunk bed. This idea is a great way to save space in a tiny studio or one bedroom apartment.

4. Hidden Bed

Hidden Bed

This is a great concept for any small space, especially if you like to keep your home tidy (and who doesn’t?)

5. Bed Above The Couch

Bed Above The Couch

When you don’t have much space in your apartment, you really have to go creative. Put your bed above the couch, like in this cozy small apartment.

6. The Red Nest

The Red NEst

Space maximization is a growing trend in apartment industry, so designers all around the world are coming up with furniture that is both functional and great looking.

7. Loft Bed For Adults

Loft Bed For Adults

Such a cool example of a loft bed for adults. It’s space-saving and very stylish.

8. Hallway Bed

Hallway bed

This is such a cool idea! Great way to make the most of your hallway.

9. Bed Nook with Storage

Bed Nook

If you need more storage – this is such a great idea. Just imagine how many books you can keep here!

10. Wall Bed

wall bed

Such a cute idea – it may even work as a guest bed. When you don’t use it, it can be a nice desk to put your keys on.