I once saw someone run naked on our parking lot, but that seems pretty tame compared to the crazy examples you will see below. There are some unexpected things that apartments dwellers see outside that are truly unbelievable or unsettling. But it breaks their domestic routine for sure!

Be sure to shout or send us a photo if you have seen anything weirder than this.

1. Sleep Tight, Sweet Car!

The problem is, how will it get up by itself?

2. Yes, Please, Do Hide On A Balcony! Good Idea!

“Just hang in there, buddy!”

3. Holy Cow, Why Did I Park There?

“I wish I had parked on the other side!”

4. Lake in the Parking Lot!

Who needs to go to a lake anyway when there’s a pool of water at the parking lot?

5. I Am Not Going Out. Like Ever!

Please call 911 and have someone get that snake out of here!

6. I Will Just Park My Super Cool Banana Car Here.

Whoever owns this banana car, you have the coolest neighbor for sure!

7. I Don’t Even Know What To Say About This One?

But he sure looks a bit creepy!

8. How Did They Get The Horse There??

I hope it’s just an inflatable horse… I would be really amazed if it’s a real one!

9. People Are Well Known For Doing Stupid Things.

Shaking my head on this one.

10. Men In Black Meets…. Winnie The Pooh?

It is kind of cult-ish to me!

11. Just Some Bank Being Robbed. Nothing Important To See There.

It’s just another day in the neighborhood…

12. Can Somebody Explain To Me What’s Happening Here?

This is one truly golden moment!

13. Hi Guys, Is Garfield There? 

Weird things spotted from the apartments

“We were supposed to go for a ride with my new machine right meow!”

I think we have really seen everything now!