Many of the “work-at-home” professionals don’t really miss working in an office. For them, working at home rules. But sometimes (just sometimes), you miss some things when you used to work at the office. Like leaving sticky notes, waiting for their reply and making your office day funnier (or at least more bearable).

Here are some hilarious passive-aggressive notes targeted at reprimanding co-workers’ behavior. Some of the comeback notes are totally EPIC! Check them out!

Awesome Office Notes That Will Make You Want To Go Back To The Office

1. Everyone hates the font Comic Sans. Even outside Fortune 500 company. Poor Comic Sans.

2. This office milk is so spoiled!

3. Bob Marley’s legacy.

4. Friendzoned by food cans. They are so picky!

5. Best way to say sorry.

6. You wanted a ransom note? Now you have it! Go save Mister Potato!

7. Salad Dressing with a spit – who doesn’t like that?

8. Poor Dave, he didn’t know that there are 5 other Daves in his company.

9. T-rex to the rescue!

10. 0 days without sarcasm (or sacarsm) continues..

11. Did you flush? Don’t forget to check and let your co-worker know.

12. You can’t use both microwaves at the same time, but having two of them makes us look richer when the clients come over.

13. Mom, I found a job for you in my company!

14. I saved three berries for later, but my co-workers just don’t get it..

15. Strange new trend at the office!

16. He is worried about doors..

17. Frozen song is not only a huge hit in the daycare, it’s even more popular in tech companies! I wonder how many days passed since someone started singing it again.

18. I think this office will soon see a real fight!

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This looks fun, but not sure would I really want to deal with passive aggressive co-workers every single day. Like I said before, home office rules.


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