I love browsing unique home offices on Instagram. From the minimalist to the eclectic, you can find everything there and it will inspire you to finally clean up your desk. Here are ten most beautiful home office workspaces I’ve seen on Instagram.

Most Beautiful Home Workspaces From Instagram

1. Clean and simple from @mahafurniture.ae. I love the silver globe!

home office inspiration

2. Cool setup from @dirtysavages. I love how it’s not decorated randomly, but from looking at it, you can say you know the person and his hobbies!

home workspace

3. Gentle and clean colors from @sugarandcloth. Let’s do this quote – I want it. And the fridge is near, when you get hungry.

home office tips

4. I love the cool screensaver from @andrewsmithphotography

working at home desk

5. Pop culture always looks good and @kevincdnc agrees. Love the lamp!

home office desk

6. Vintage and rustic from @the_lovely_light – the desk is just amazing! She just needs to find some vintage chair and it will look like you’re in some old castle.

vintage home office

7. Who wouldn’t like to work in the nature? Outside home office from @sandyvanhelden. It’s old, it’s rusty, it’s not pretty, but it’s amazing, don’t you agree? Fresh air is the best for our productivity.

outside home office

8. One of my favorite setups. Simple but effective from @scraperka. I am a sucker for motivational quotes. And I can feel the smell of lavander even through my screen.

home office design

9. Dark wood from @acupofchic. I would remove everything and just leave the laptop and the chair for a completely minimalistic look.

dark home office

10. You don’t need to have much space to have an amazing home office. Look at one from @iamgalla. I love the world map with the photos, passport and retro camera. Such a cool space to work! Inspirational!

small space home office

Which home office setup is your favorite? Write it down in the comment section or share your photo with us! We would like to see your home office desks.