1. Washi Tape.

This is very cheap and simple solution to make your stairs look awesome. (via Frashion by Marina)

2. Books.

For every book lover out there – so cool. If you’re talented with paint, you can make this by yourself.

3. Staircase Decals

You can buy these on Etsy. Click here – there are plenty of cool decals to choose from.

4. Chalkboard stairs

This great idea was found on this blog. Your kids will love this.

5. Stamped stairs.

Simple and yet so cool.

6. Pantone Stairs.

Here is the source for Pantone Stairs. You can’t pick your favorite color? Use them all!

7. Mice on your stairs.

Do you have a cat? She will love this (or maybe not…).

8. Handpainted stairs.

This are one of the most beautiful stairs I’ve ever seen. So creative. via Inspiration Green.

9. Stripes.

If you’re not really creative, then just pick the right carpet. With these stripes, looks really elegant.

10. Rustic Stairs.

So cool and beautiful, these rustic stairs are such a great idea for stair decorations.

11. Piano stairs.

Do you play a piano? If so, show everyone your biggest love and paint your stairs piano style.

12. Colors!

I love everything happy and colorful. I believe these stairs will make your day better. Every day.

13. Halloween Stairs.

Lets have some decorating fun for next Halloween. Looks cool, don’t you agree?

14. Polka Dot Stairs

I don’t think your husband would really appreciate these stairs, but who cares when they are this cool? Perfect for girly house!

15. Porch stairs.

Who said that outside we can only have boring and plain stairs. These are so awesome. I want to live here.

16. Vintage stairs.

Are you into vintage decor? If so, these stairs are perfect fit for you!

17. Music stairs.

You don’t have to paint your stairs to make them stand out. Look how cool these are!

Do you have your favorite?