If you’re reading Homeoffice Geeks, then you’re probably interested in some new and modern careers. We have to accept that things have changed during the last years and now you can even make millions just by having a podcast for example.

How to be self-employed

Being Self-Employed

Thanks to the dawn of the digital age, these days anyone with an internet connection can work for themselves.  I’ve been self-employed for almost 10 years. I started as a freelance writer on Upwork and moved my way up by working hard. I’ve tried everything – from being a content manager to outreach specialist. And guess what? It is awesome. Yes, sometimes you will fail, but most of the time you will be very proud of yourself.
So, are you tired of having a boss? Are you always complaining about your current job? Modern times allows us to try anything. And even if we fail (and we will sometimes), we can always get up and try again.

You don’t know what can you do? Possibilities are endless. If you like fashion, you can be a fashion blogger. Maybe you are good at programming – try working on your own app. What else? You can create and sell websites, you can draw cartoons for big companies, you can start a podcast… There is so many possibilities! If you don’t think you have talent for anything, think about becoming a gamer. Maybe that sounds like a child dream to you, but some individuals making money by playing online games such as online slots games.

How to start?

It’s simple!

First of all, you have to choose your desired field. Think about what you want to do every day and what makes you happy. If you’re not sure, just start with freelancing until you find something you like. Start part-time and build your way up to full-time.

Most governments also provide loans for small businesses or some other financial help. Look into that. When I started, my government was giving money to buy computers and build websites for small businesses. Awesome, isn’t it?

What kind of modern career would you be interested in? Share your thoughts in our comment section.