Singing in the shower is a common part of life for most of us, but most of us don’t even think about selling music online. Singing for money is like a dream most of us have seen many times. If you want to live out your fantasy of becoming a famous singer and earning money then you have an easy option of internet.

Selling music online does increase the competition and requires a few points to be considered but is far easier than the traditional methods of touring cross country in a car with your band. Yes, hitting the road seems totally badass but often you don’t have a car or an entire band willing to do that with you.

selling music online

How to Make Money At Home By Selling Music Online

There are a few important points which you have to keep in mind if you want to become famous and successful by selling music online. Internet is available in every smartphone so you have to go an extra mile for proving that your music is better than others.

Preparing music

There are more than a few things to be prepared for before your voice reaches to the ears of your audience. Small factors when selling music online which are often neglected by artists can slow down their progress whereas if paid attention to, then these small factors can also be a major reason for your success.

  1. Sound Quality: If you have recorded your music in a studio then the sound quality should be already quite good but still it is necessary to check it. If you haven’t recorded your music in a studio then it’s better to set up some software for editing or a sound engineer to help you.You should check the sound in various environments such as through headphones, stereo speakers, car speakers etc.
  2. Audio File Format: This is another important aspect, while a file may be good for you in .mp3 format it is better to have it in a more reliable format. You should go for more lossless files such as WAV or FLAC files for uploading your music online.
  3. Information: Many songs downloaded through piracy websites do not have any artist names or titles attached to them whereas if you download a file from a reliable source then it usually has all this information attached.
    Meta data is the information attached to songs for providing information such as titles, album, artist info etc. to songs which helps people to recognize you.
  4. Artwork: Try to have a good artwork for your music. Not only does nice artwork make your music look good but it is also a good way of implying something or to create a trademark for yourself amongst your fans. There are various techniques behind artwork for music depending on what you want to be shown alongside your songs.
    Clickbait is quite a famous phenomenon on the internet which focuses on clicking the picture visible on the thumbnail even if that picture is irrelevant to the video.
  5. Copyrights: Make sure to take the copyrights for the music you are selling. You can license your music and get it copyrighted before someone else does because copyright violation is quite hard to manage. You should also check the copyrights associated with the label and artworks if you are selling your music and do not own them.
  6. Release Date: Once you have decided the above factors, all you need to choose is a release date for your music. Until then you can hype your audience and market your song to as many people as possible.


Selling music online through Online Retailers.

This is a good option since you have to simply register for an account with the required documents before you begin selling music. A number of retailers are available through websites which offers pay per song services to people. You have a good option of selling songs through online retailers due to their large crowd and popularity but since a large number of songs are uploaded on these websites each day you have to make sure your song stays up.

How to sell your own music

  1. Selecting a retailer: iTunes is the most famous source for selling your music but there are a number of other options also such as SongCast, Tunecore etc. You can choose any retailer based on the benefits and terms they have. You can wait for a while and look around before choosing a retailer to get the best deals.
  2. Eligibility: Many retailers offer services only to adults while many services are only available in a few countries. Make sure that you have read the terms and conditions for eligibility before you upload your music to any website. You might not be able to make profits if a company does not have any way of transferring money or operating in your region.
  3. Deal through a retailer: You might not be able to sign up with iTunes or Spotify or any other major online retailer and get a personalized deal for yourself. So, before you sell your music on these platforms, you have to establish a deal for digitally distributing your music with a digital music company which specializes in your genre. These stores may have direct contacts with the retailer and are music distribution companies with well sought strategies.
  4. Contract: Read the contract and terms and conditions carefully. There is a fee with the company you are making a deal with. This fee might be in various forms and you should know all types of fees which a company will charge you for a certain contract.
    This contract also provides information about their services which you can use as a legally binding agreement at any time.


Final steps to fame.

how to make money at home by selling your music

The final part of selling your music and becoming famous through it is by getting a brand name for yourself. This brand name will basically represent you to the people. Once you become successful you can have a number of pages dedicated to you instead of having a single distributor.
This will not only help you get more famous but will also help big companies and fans research easily about you. If you are easily searchable then you are already one step into being famous.

  1. Start posting: Hire writers or simply give your information on different blogs or similar web pages. You can also hire reputed writers or bloggers to write for you or feature your music on their website. WordPress and Blogger are both good options for starting to post about yourself.
  2. Website: For long term, if you want to have profits then you would definitely want to have a website of your own.
    You can get a website and build it yourself or else you can simply hire a freelancer to optimize it and develop it for you.
  3. Content: A nice logo with relevant photos and other graphics are relatively easy to remember for most of the people. Get your website designed or design it yourself according to your preference. Remember to pay attention to all the small aspects such as colour contrast etc. to make it stand out.

This is everything you need to know about selling music online!